ATS Environmental Engineering Breakthroughs

Environmental engineering

Prof. David Broday of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Head of The Technion Center of Excellence in Environmental Health, discusses Technion interdisciplinary research about air pollution.

The Technion is a leader in the green technologies that help solve the enormous environmental challenges facing our world. In Israel, the lack of natural resources has led to innovations that help provide clean water and air, alternative energy sources and conservation.

If you live in an arid region, your drinking water may be derived from desalination methods developed in part at the Technion Grand Water Research Institute. Considering an electric or alternative fuel vehicle? That too may be powered by technology created by Technion researchers or graduates of the Grand Technion Energy Program.

Breakthroughs in Environmental Engineering

  • Prof. Carmel Rotschild has developed a technology that could improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells by nearly 70 percent. The breakthrough could be a key for overcoming current technological limitations to harnessing solar power to meet the world’s energy consumption demands.

  • Using a simple membrane extract from spinach leaves, an interdisciplinary team led by Professors Noam Adir, Gadi Schuster, and Avner Rothschild developed a bio-photo-electro-chemical (BPEC) cell that produces electricity and hydrogen from water using sunlight. The raw material of the device is water, and its products are electric current, hydrogen and oxygen.

  • Assistant Professor Lilac Amirav demonstrates a perfect 100% light-to-hydrogen gas conversion efficiency through solar water splitting. This direct solar-to-fuel energy conversion alleviates the energy storage problem, since fuel (chemical energy) can be stored more easily than either electricity or heat. It is the highest achieved efficiency ever to be reported.

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