ATS Defensive Technologies Breakthroughs

Defensive technologies

Learn how Iron Dome, developed by Technion graduates, protects Israeli citizens by destroying rockets before they can cause injury, property damage and, most importantly, loss of life.

The Technion helps keep Israel—and the world— secure. Technion researchers and graduates are constantly developing new technologies that aid in national defense, thwart terrorist attacks on civilians, and save lives in Israel and throughout the world.

Notably, the Iron Dome anti missile defense system was developed mainly by Technion graduates at Rafael Advance Defense Systems, Ltd.

Breakthroughs in Defensive Technology

  • Assistant Professor Stephan Rudykh is part of an international research team that develops a revolutionary material that has superior anti-penetration properties while remaining flexible. Inspired by the way nature designed fish scales, the material could be used to make bulletproof clothing for the military and space suits that are impervious to micro-meteorites and radiation when astronauts embark on spacewalks.

  • “Iron Dome,” the defensive anti-missile system developed largely by a team of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology graduates employed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, intercepted and destroyed more than 420 missiles headed toward Israel during the November 2012 Gaza Conflict, with a success rate of 90 percent.

  • The European Union (EU) awarded a team of Technion researchers led by Prof. Avi Kirschenbaum $4.7 million to improve security for air travelers. The researchers focus their efforts on developing a dynamic and realistic model for behavior and decision-making during security threats at airports.

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