Cancer Research

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Why is it that some tumors worsen quickly, while others stop growing on their own or even shrink? Breakthrough research from the laboratory of Technion Distinguished Professor Aaron Ciechanover discovered two proteins that could suppress malignant tumor growth.

The Technion is one of the few institutions worldwide that brings together biology with the physical sciences and engineering, to translate research more quickly into clinical solutions. Profs. Ciechanover and Avram Hershko’s Nobel winning researchers’ discovery led to the drug — Velcade — for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Other Technion scientists have made great strides in identifying biomarkers for early cancer detection, combating drug-resistant tumors, and developing personalized medicine and targeted drug delivery.

The Technion Integrated Cancer Center takes advantage of the Technion’s multidisciplinary research teams and its location next to Rambam Medical Center, building upon the foundation of earlier cancer research at the David and Janet Polak Center for Cancer Research and Vascular Biology. Leading doctors and scientists — including clinicians/oncologists, protein chemists, structural biologists, electrical engineers, computer scientists and others — work together to help combat cancer in a comprehensive manner.

The TICC is being led by the generous support of noted philanthropists the Crown Family and Laura and Isaac Perlmutter.

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Recent Breakthroughs in Cancer Research

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