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Energy: Not If, But When
Alternative Energy Solutions from Israel

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Supporting the Technion Energy Program will help solve our global energy challenges.
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It's not whether or not we are running out of oil. It's when we will run out. It's not whether or not we need to develop alternative energies. It is how quickly we can get them to market.

This is why the Technion has launched the Technion Energy Program (TEP) — a campus-wide effort to provide a framework to help the Technion become a global leader in energy innovation.

As one of the few non-oil producing countries in the Middle East, Israel has a strong national interest in achieving energy independence. In the process, Israel is harnessing its only natural resource — its brainpower — to find green ways to power itself and the free world. 

Here in California we are also threatened by energy shortages and reliance on foreign suppliers of oil. Like Israel we have abundant sunshine that can be harnessed to provide our growing energy needs with the added benefit of not polluting our natural environment.

ATS Southern California Chapter and
the Technion Energy Program (TEP)

The ATS Southern California Chapter is proud to be part of the solution with a new project to support research in two key areas of the Technion Energry Program: Solar Climate Control and Photovoltaic Cell Fabrication. The project’s two components are described below:

Solar Climate Control: Cooling With Heat

Turning wisdom on its head, Prof. Gershon Grossman is harnessing the sun's energy to cool interior spaces. One of the chief advantages is that unlike heating with solar power, which is needed when the sun provides the least heat, cooling with solar power is needed when the sun is at its hottest.

Solar Air Conditioner

solar air conditioner

Prof. Grossman is an expert in solar-thermal technology, which relies on mirrors to focus sunrays and generate high temperatures. The heat is then used to vaporize a liquid, and the vapor is passed through a turbine to generate energy. The vapor condenses and the process is repeated, creating an efficient closed energy loop.

Prof. Grossman is exploring ways to use this solar-thermal power for cooling. His system also allows for separate controls for heat and humidity because, as he explains, "humidity may be even more important in cooling than temperature." Prof. Grossman's work will have a major role in reducing electrical energy consumption.

Photovoltaic Cell Fabrication: Nano Solar Power

With the Technion already a world leader in nanotechnology, it’s only natural that Prof. Efrat Lifshitz would apply this emerging science to generating energy. She discovered that nano-sized materials consisting of nanocrystal quantum dots can absorb sunlight not only in the visible range, as materials currently used in solar panels do, but also in the infrared and UV ranges. This makes them ideal in photovoltaic cells used to turn sunlight into electricity, promising much more efficient solar power.

Prof. Nir Tessler is adapting the capabilities of nanotechnology to a larger scale. He is working on replacing the rigid silicone currently used to capture solar power with flexible solar cells that can cover anything from a rooftop to miles of desert.

“It’s like printing wallpaper,” he explains. “We can spread the solar cell sheet over any space.”

Watch the video to hear these researchers explain their research in greater detail.

Support the Technion Energy Program

Generous individuals like you enable Technion scientists to make the breakthroughs that benefit Israel and people like you. By supporting the Technion Energy Program you become a partner in solving our global energy challenges. Please join us.

Click here to read more about Technion Energy Research.

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