At the Technion, collaboration sparks global innovation.

LABSCAPES Exhibit Gives Inside Look into Microscope of Top Technion Researchers

LABSCAPES, currently on display at the JCC Manhattan, is an incredible new exhibit that offers a rare chance to peek over the shoulder of some of the Technion’s most renowned researchers. Click here to learn more.


A Technion education helps develop the kind of people who start businesses, create jobs, boost the economy—and change the world.


The Technion is one of the few institutions worldwide that brings together biology with the physical sciences and engineering to translate research more quickly into clinical solutions. The proposed Technion Integrative Cancer Center will take advantage of the Technion’s multidisciplinary research teams to help combat cancer in a comprehensive manner.

The Technion

This incredible group of researchers, donors and alumni push the boundaries of science and technology further than most dare to dream because they share a common purpose. With mutual respect and affection and an eye on the goal, the Technion Community is able to work together harmoniously to make the world a better place.

Adi Hanuka

Featured Student

Growing up in the town of Nesher, adjacent to the Technion campus, Adi considers the Technion home. She earned her bachelor’s degree there, is on the accelerated track toward her doctorate, and has excelled at every step along the way. While an undergraduate, she worked on a medical device that is currently in clinical trials at an Israeli hospital. As a doctoral student, she focuses on optical medical accelerators. Adi also spearheaded an initiative to boost women’s confidence in the male-dominated area of electrical engineering.

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Janet Shatz Snyder

Featured Leader

In the relatively short time that Janet Shatz Snyder has been involved with the ATS Washington, D.C. Region, she has become a valued supporter — planning events, chairing committees and reviewing most marketing materials. Taking after her father, Paul, who is a devoted and highly respected ATS leader, Janet serves on both the local and national boards, is a graduate of the ATS 21st Century Leadership Development Program, chairs the SciTech Scholarship Committee, and is a member of the National Leadership Development Committee.

Jonathan Sohnis

Featured Alumnus

Jonathan Sohnis was clear about his life’s mission from the time he was a teenager. Graduating from the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School, he applied to just one university — the Technion. He then used his Technion education to launch a successful business, and became an ardent ATS supporter. A former President of the ATS New York Metropolitan Region, Jonathan has received a Technion Honorary Fellowship and an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions and service on the local, national and international levels.