At the Technion, Collaboration Sparks

Global Innovation

The Technion embodies Education & Innovation for the Global Good. Its scientists develop life-changing advancements in science and technology for all mankind. Join the American Technion Society as we help advance innovation for Israel and the world by supporting the Technion.

Featured Project

Quantum Technology

The technological revolution of the last several decades has brought about amazing advances in the way we live our lives.  But now we have to step up the game.
The global science community is asking, “what new technology will further the path of unprecedented progress?” The answer lies in quantum technology.

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Faces of the Technion

Featured Student

Adi Hanuka

Technion graduate Adi Hanuka is not one to rest on her laurels. Within three years of graduating with her bachelor’s degree from the Technion in electrical engineering (summa cum laude), she had already created a medical device, published numerous papers, and met former President Bill Clinton while participating in the Clinton Global Initiative. She is expected to receive her doctorate from the Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 2018.

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