At the Technion, collaboration sparks global innovation.

We Welcome Major General (Ret.) Amos Horev

The legendary general and past Technion president commanded units in the battles of Jerusalem and the Negev during Israel’s War of Independence. He is making his way across the country. Click here to watch Major General Horev tell his story.


A Technion education helps develop the kind of people who start businesses, create jobs, boost the economy—and change the world.


The Technion is one of the few institutions worldwide that brings together biology with the physical sciences and engineering to translate research more quickly into clinical solutions. The proposed Technion Integrative Cancer Center will take advantage of the Technion’s multidisciplinary research teams to help combat cancer in a comprehensive manner.

The Technion

This incredible group of researchers, donors and alumni push the boundaries of science and technology further than most dare to dream because they share a common purpose. With mutual respect and affection and an eye on the goal, the Technion Community is able to work together harmoniously to make the world a better place.

Assaf Zinger

Featured Doctoral Student

Students at the Technion wear two hats—scientist and soldier—and Assaf Zinger exemplifies that duality. He is passionate about investigating targeted drug delivery to combat cancer, and is now doing his doctoral studies at the Technion in chemical engineering. But when Israel needs protection, he changes out of his lab coat and into his military uniform. He served this past summer in Operation Protective Edge. Learn More

Rena Conner

Featured Leader

In the time that Rena Conner has been involved with the ATS Southern California Chapter, she has been instrumental in attracting a new generation of supporters, building leadership, and getting the Technion message out. An energetic and inspiring leader, she is currently in her second term as president of the local board, serves on the national board and has led five classes of the ATS Ambassadors Leadership Development Program. She also is a graduate of the ATS National 21st Century Leadership Development Program.

Ehud Behar

Featured Researcher

Professor Ehud Behar is an astrophysicist who led the Technion’s Norman and Helen Asher Space Research Institute for five years. He studies the environments of black holes and high-energy phenomena in stars, while developing instruments to observe the universe. His enthusiasm for space has helped to more than double the number of graduate students studying astrophysics, and to bring the International Space University to the Technion for its annual Space Studies Program in 2016. He has been recognized on numerous occasions and has received the Wolf’s Foundation Krill Prize and the NASA NPP fellowship for visiting scientists among others.