At the Technion, collaboration sparks global innovation.

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Get an inside look at INNOVATION FOR A BETTER WORLD, the American Technion Society’s campaign to support the Technion in its quest to create a smarter, healthier and safer world.

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A Technion education helps develop the kind of people who start businesses, create jobs, boost the economy—and change the world.


The Technion Center for Computer Engineering (TCE) is a joint venture of the Technion’s highly rated electrical engineering and computer science departments. The TCE strives to bridge the industry-academia gap by encouraging faculty members to contribute to applied research and by hosting industry visitors.

The Technion

This incredible group of researchers, donors and alumni push the boundaries of science and technology further than most dare to dream because they share a common purpose. With mutual respect and affection and an eye on the goal, the Technion Community is able to work together harmoniously to make the world a better place.

Ayelet Fishman

Featured researcher

Returning to her alma mater to teach, Associate Professor Ayelet Fishman is a rising star in the Technion Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering. Students love her —she has earned the excellence in teaching award six years running. And Israeli farmers credit her for helping to keep their crops disease-free. Prof. Fishman’s work also focuses on “green” approaches in the food, cosmetics industries, and developing renewable fuel industries. Learn More

Melvin Berlin

Featured Donor

Melvin Berlin, along with his wife Randy, is a Technion Guardian who has established a variety of important Technion projects ranging from stem cell to cybersecurity research. A child of the Depression with a life-long admiration for Israel, he worked his way up — building leading companies in the metals and packaging industries — and has generously supported Israel and educational causes.

Uzi Halevy

Featured Alumnus

Uzi Halevy, a Technion graduate in mechanical engineering, will receive a Technion Honorary Fellowship for his dedication to the ATS, the Technion and Israel. Uzi is the retired CEO of The Litwin Engineering Group and is an active supporter of the Technion. He and his wife Mickey, Technion Guardians, sponsor the Uzi and Michal Halevy Fund for Innovative Applied Engineering Research at the Technion.